Einan Cohen Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1933, Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Immigrated to Israel in 1948. In 1964 traveled to Europe on a Fellowship. Lived in Zurich, Paris and Brussels. In 1965 settled in Amsterdam.  In 1986 returned to Israel and since then working and living in Jaffa.

One-Man Exhibitions

1958 – Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1962 – Bogotá, Columbia
1968 – Traklin Gallery, Haifa
1969 – Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1969 – Rotterdamsche Kunstkring, Rotterdam, Holland
1970 – Hatzrif gallery, Beer Sheba
1983 – Makkom gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
1985 – West-Einde gallery, The Hague, Holland
1987 – Sara Levi gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 – Efrat gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 – Lochamei Hagetaot gallery
1993 – Sara Levy gallery, Tel Aviv
1993-1994 – Smilansky Municipal Art Gallery, Rechovot
1994 – Hassifiria gallery, Tel Aviv
1998 – International Congress Center, Jerusalem
2001-2003 – Landscapes, Omanut La’am, Traveling Exhibition
2002 – Galerie Klarisa, Dubrovnik, Croatia
             Congress Hall, Portoroz, Slovenia
2003 – Frans Presern gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
             Municipal gallery, Prague, the Czech Republic
             Horace Richter gallery, Jaffa
2005 – Einan Cohen’s Paintings, Helmond, Holland
2006 – Municipal Gallery, Hvar, Croatia
2013 –
Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 – “Einan Cohen – The source of Light”, Tel Aviv Artist House

Group Exhibitions

1971 – Caen Biennale, Israel Pavilion, France
1974 – “Beeldje per Beeldje”, Animation Films, Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam
1977 – “Manners of Drawings”, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam
1980 – De Vaart Nederlandse Animators, Hilversum
1982 – Phillips-Duphar, Weesp, Holland
1984 – Radius gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 – “Ajami Artists”, 13 1/2 gallery, Jaffa
1987 – “Exhibition of Israel Artists”, Bat Yam Art Museum
             “Israeli Art”, Atara gallery, Montreal
1988 – Efrat gallery, Te Aviv
             “Landscape and Landscapes”, Art Gallery, Rechovot
1989 – “Black and White”, Bat Yam Museum
1990 – “Beyond Drawings”, Givon gallery, Tel Aviv
             “Aleph Bet in Gimel”, Gimel gallery, Jerusalem
             “Un-serious works by serious artists”, Artists House, Tel Aviv
             “Manners of Drawings”, Art gallery, Yavneh
             “Landscape”, traveling exhibition, Omanut La”am
             “Windows”, traveling exhibition, Omanut La”am
1991 – “13 Artists”, Gimel gallery, Jerusalem
1993 – “Enclosed Please Find a Match Box”, International Artists Exhibition, Art gallery, Yavneh
             “Contemporary Art”, Muzejsko-Galerijski Centar, Zagreb
1994 – “Hot kitchen I and II”, Sara Conforti gallery, Jaffa
             “INJERTS: Vision Pixtorica del Arte Israeli”, traveling exhibition, Spain,
             Portugal and South America, organized by the Israeli Foreign Ministry
1995 – “So Close So Faraway”, Bat Yam and Ashdod museums
             Exhibition in memory of Avi Horowitz, Lochamei Hagetaot Gallery
             “Small Format”, Sara Levi gallery
1996 – “Between Light and Darkness”, Museum of Art Ein Harod
1997 – “Continuous Contemplation”, ArtGallery, Memorial Center, Kiryat Tivon
1998 – “Circles”, Art gallery, Tel-Aviv
2006 – Masques, Gabo Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007 – Talking Chairs, Outdoor exhibition, National Park, Ramat Gan
2008 – Horace Gallery, Jaffa
2012 – Stern Gallery

Animation Films

1973 – The Birth of a Mountain – 14 min
1974 – Little House – 3 min
1977 – Habitat  – 10 min
1981 – Doors and Steps – 5 min

During the 1970s, received various awards for Birth of a Mountain and Habitat and participated in Film Festivals in Annecy, Berlin, Cairo, Lisbon, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Teheran, Varna.

Film activities

1969 – Assisted Jacques Tati, in various capacities, while filming Traffic in Holland
             Visual consultant to I. Abrahami in his film From A to Z for VPRO television station, Holland 

Special Projects

1968 – Visual Projects (Installations), Paradiso, Amsterdam
1969 – Art Object for the new quarter of Osdorp Amsterdam
1982 – Designed “Volcano” project for the city of Amsterdam
1989 – “Hands” in the sea, Jaffa  


1969 – Frans Duister, “Einan Coen”, De Tijd and De Rotterdammer
             “Einan Cohen” by Nathan Zach and F. Funke,  exhibition catalogue, Mabat Gallery, Israel
1973 – “Mountain Growing in Holland”, Holland Herald
1974 – “Animatie in Nederland” by Ch. Boost, Skoop Filmblad
             “Beeldje voor Beeldje” by Jan Rofekamkp, Atalier 12, exhibition catalogue, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
1975 – “Holland, Landje, Mensje, Beestje”, Avenue,Amsterdam
1977 – “Manieren van Tekenen”, exhibition catalogue Fodor Museum, Amsterdam
1979 – “Werk van Nederlands Animators”, exhibition catalogue, Hilversum
1980 – Dutch Film, 1980, R W D, Den Haag
1982 – Holland Animation Bulletin, International Issue
1983 – “True Flags – False Flags, Makkom no. 8, exhibition catalogue, Amsterdam
1985 – “The Landscapes of Einan Cohen” by S. Ehrenfeld,  exhibition catalogue, West-Einde Gallery, The Hague
1987 – Gideon Ofrat, Ph.D. “Israeli Artists”, exhibition catalogue, Bat Yam
             Museum of Art
1990 – Jan Rawchwerger, “Un-serious Works by Serious Artists”,  exhibition catalogue
             Artists House, Tel Aviv
             Shoshana Ehrenfeld-Cohen, “Colour in Black and White”, exhibition pamphlet, Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot Gallery
             Neomi Siman-Tov, “Windows”,  travelling exhibition catalogue, Omanut La’am
1993 – Angela Levine, “Contemporary Israeli Artist”, exhibition catalogue, Muzejski-Galerijski Centar, Zagreb
             Ada na’amani, Introduction to the  catalogue “Mountain and Water”, Municipal Art Gallery, Rechovot
1994 – Daniel Peralta, “Presentacion” and Tali Tamir, “Injertos, Vision Pictorica de Arte Israeli”, exhibition catalogue,
             Portugal and South America
1995 – Hily Govrin, “So Close So Faraway – Eastern winds in Israeli Art”, exhibition catalogue, Bat-Yam Museum of Art
1997 – Esti Reshef, “Expanding Contemplation”, exhibition catalogue, Memorial House, Kiryat Tiveon
2001 – Surin Heller, “Contemplations upon Israeli Landscape Painting”, “Landscapes” exhibition catalogue, Omanut La’am,
             travelling exhibition
2002 – Tali Tamir, “The Brush and Falling Leaves” on the Paintings of Nature by Einan Cohen, exhibition catalogue, Dubrovnik, Croatia
2006 – Mordechai Geldman, “Landscapes of the Heart, of the Land and of Paintings” and “Einan’s Orchid Sculpture”, Panta Rei  exhibition
             catalogue Hagai Segev, “Three-dimensional objects”, Panta Rei exhibition catalogue
             Nurit Tenneh, “Masque-Identity”, exhibition catalogue
2007 – Moshe Becker, “Talking Chairs”, outdoor exhibition catalogue Ramat Gan National Park  


1954 – Oranim Art Institute
1956 – Studies with Myron Sima
1957-59 – Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv
1962 – Theatre Directors Course, Tel Aviv
1969 – Plastic Materials Course, T.N.O., Delft
1971 – Animation studies with A. Zaninovic, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
1981-82 – Studies with M.F. Lai in Chinese Water-ink Painting 

Teaching Experience

1954-60 – Drawing and Art History, High school Kibbutz Shefayim
1962 – Kibbutz Movement Art Institute, Tel Aviv
1970-1971 – Guest teacher, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
1982-1983 – Guest teacher in multi-media, Teachers Seminary, Tel Aviv
1984 – Guest teacher in Chinese water-ink-painting, Rijks Academy, Amsterdam
             Painting, International Art School, Amsterdam
1985 – Guest teacher, Chinese Drawing, Memad Art Institute, Tel Aviv
1986-2000 – Painting, Adult learning University, Rechovot
1989 – Kalisher Institute of Painting, Tel Aviv
1991 – Painting, Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv
1993 – Chinese Brush Seminar, Shenkar Fashion School
1995-1996 – Chinese Brush Seminar, Shenkar Fashion School